Modern Fairy Tales.


His Three Daughters.


A bus driver lived in Narcester. He had three beautiful daughters. Every morning before going to work, the man would greet each daughter by shaking her hand and uttering the phrase, "See you when the planet turns to ice."

The three daughters would spend the days sitting at a new lap-top computer attempting to understand their father's words. It was the case that he said nothing else to them but his morning greeting.

The eldest daughter interpreted the greeting thus: "My father has no other language." The middle daughter said, "In that case he has no education." At which, the third beautiful daughter added, "It is my contention that when he learnt to speak, our father was taught by a wizard with few words but many interpretations."

Even though the three daughters were still baffled by their father's utterances, and could find no explanation on the internet, they felt that they had cracked the surface of the problem by making their own decisions. They vowed to eat cracked wheat and yoghourt for lunch for the rest of their days. Although a man of few words, their father thought it a capital decision.

December 29 th. 2003.


© Fabian Peake